Martial Arts, Parkour, Ninja Warriors Training Center

Agility, Balance, Coordination, and Strength

We combine Martial Arts skills with Parkour and Ninja Warrior's training to give our students the necessary physical strength and agility to escape dangerous situations. Our kids climb, jump, flip, roll, hang, swing,...they MOVE!
Martial arts has proven to be beneficial for children. Our kids are spending their days in a healthy and happy environment where they can grow physically, mentally, and emotionally plus they also learn to defend themselves. Repeat, they actually learn to defend themselves. Our training improves necessary skills
(speed, dexterity, focus, and agility) for sports and other physical activities.


When you enroll, we'll provide more than just quality care and support. We'll teach your child Martial Arts. We will help to improve their physical abilities to better prepare them for sports and other physical activities.

Come and join us. Don't settle for regular daycare!. $399 per month includes pick up, after school activities, and martial arts.

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Our Martial Arts classes are developed with a strong emphasis on character development in order to build self-esteem and self-confidence. They reinforce discipline and respect for themselves, their parents, and their teachers. We will teach the importance of courtesy and respect, work on focus and concentration for good grades, plus teach your child to only use martial arts for self-defense.

We also provide Holiday Day Camps for all school days off during the academic year. Our program allows your child to experience a safe and fun environment while providing them the opportunity to train and advance in martial arts.
Come train in the Filipino Martial Arts and Silat, two arts quickly growing in popularity worldwide. Learn basic boxing which we consider to be the base of all arts. We add Muay Thai to round out the stand up striking skill sets. Training also focuses on Hapkido, JKD and groundwork  to ensure we cover all ranges of combat. Our curriculum is designed to quickly give the student confidence in their ability to effectively defend themselves.
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Check out our Women's Self Defense classes. Can't do full time training or simply want to try it out? Come join our Adult $10 per session classes.
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