Self Defense, Firearms, Survival Skills
Students may take any of the  classes offered in the self defense category which includes unarmed combat, weapons, and specifically firearms training. We also offer classes in survival skills, bushcraft, trapping, hunting, first aid, gardening, etc.... We strive for self sufficiency as it relates to the concept of self defense.

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The training we use for military, law enforcement, security and first responders is geared specifically for that job. Train job applicable skills. See our discounts for "those who run towards the sound of danger."

Combat Cardio Fitness
Our Combat Cardio Fitness was designed using three self defense arts that will give the practitioner fighting skills by repetitively using cardio drills used in the three arts.

Support Groups
We are currently taking applications for a men's group and a women's group. The groups will contain 12 members. This is only a support group and not therapy. All Rights Reserved ©2021