Martial Montion Academy
"Making a better world, one martial artist at a time"
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Who We Are

Almost every culture or country throughout the world has some form of martial arts. They all have something to offer. We should not close our minds to any of them. Through the teachings at Martial Motion Academy, students learn to appreciate the martial arts of all cultures and to see the valuable aspects of each.

Martial Motion Academy is multi-cultural. We do not cling to any one single style or system. No one system, style or individual possess all the answers. People are often misled into believing that one style is the total martial arts answer, and as a result, they become prejudiced toward all other styles.

We teach the student to have the ability and freedom to express one's own unique personality in the art, without prejudice or blind adherence to a particular style.

In the teaching of the arts  offered at Martial Motion Academy, elements are drawn from a wide range of arts, such as Filipino Martial Arts (Kali, Arnis, Escrima) for its weapon based system, Korean Hapkido for its kicking, joint locks, pressure points and submissions, Majapahit Silat for its devastating takedowns, Japanese Judo for throws and sweeps, Western Boxing for striking, footwork and movement, Thailand's Muay Thai for elbows and knees striking, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for grappling submissions, and Chinese Jeet Kune Do for its unique martial arts freedom and Philosophy.

The training at Martial Motion Academy is realistic and gives the students the ability to defend themselves in all ranges of empty hand and edged weapon attacks and fighting.

To develop character in others, we must be exemplary models!

No contracts, no hidden fees, no additional fees for additional classes. . Integrity is a word used often and we believe that the very first day is where it all begins. Our goal is to service our students. We avoid any practices that purely serves the school and not its members. We offer our students an industry leading all inclusive training program. Every class and every program at Martial Motion Academy is included for one monthly fee. We do not promote any clubs or status cliques triggering additional fees. Just come and train with us at least twice a week and you will find your journey to be a highly beneficial experience.

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